Thursday, September 22, 2011


In our digital class our first project to do was to make hang tags for merchandise or what not that we might be selling or just promotion. With our name  and or shoppe name and or contact info and or website blog info. So this is the one that I made for me! 

Front of Hang Tag

Back of Hand Tag

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Burrs (inorder to find out how to spell this I had to look up velcro in wikipedia)

So I went to the forest with Shaela to sit by the streem and drink tea and in order to get down into the stream I had to go past a big burr bush in which burrs stuck all over me and in my hair which happened to be in the perfect head band looking shape and came in handy to keep my bangs out of my eyes. I then went threw the bush again and milk weed went into it to make it pretty.


Bookhou is a store located in Toronto owned by Arounna and her husband. She has a bunch of super cute things to sell which happens to be texitley. In my first year of textiles she came into the studio and took pictures of our work being worked on. Which she then put up on her blog which featured my pine cone design in printing progress. The link to her blog is (click here) and if you scroll down a bit you will be able to check out Sarah Davies' Pine Cone Print, you should also check out the comments people are digging the cones!

Bookhou Facebook Page