Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blog o' Bags

For our first project of our second semester in textiles this year we had a project in which we had to create a series of bags. It was pretty open to anything but you had to have three. So I desided to make bags out of embroidery hoops. The hoops would make the sides of the bags and then I was able to embroider on the the outside for the decorative component. The lovely Sister Valentine found me some sweet embroidery hoops from our favorite second hand stores.I then decided to use different sayings from different types of media such as my favorite television show, one of my favorite songs, and one of my favorite movies. I am also an old lady at heart and what else is better then embroidery by an old lady with bags that make a story with good quotes so my story to go along with the bags was. "Now all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so go out and take a walk on the wild side but don't you spread for roses." Says Old Lady Dee (Insert other name here if you are in on that joke if not then you are missing out but do not need to know) So here are my bags!
Side Purse - Kids In the Hall- Tammy Song

Detail of Embroidery

Detail Close Up Shot

Under the arm small bag- Take A Walk On The Wild Side - Lou Reed

Other End
Change Purse - The Shinning

Other Side


Friday, April 15, 2011

Last Day of Digital Textile Design

Today was the last day of my textile design class for the digital way of doing it. So here are my designs that I have done with this class minus the all over and the stripe due to the fact that I have already posted them in earlier blogings.

Sertex: For a national contest we had to come up with designs that would fit into a public space. So I decided to do a bar and these are the designs I came up with. I first drew and painted everything by hand then scanned them in and made them darker and what not in photoshop.

1) Chair Fabric 2) Bar Counter Front

3)Drapery 4) Flooring

  5) Wall Texture 6) Feature Wall 

7) Stool Fabric 

Room Setting

Then our final project was taking different textures and making them into a collage. I took textures that I made in surface design out of different Japanese papers and ripped them and cut them into circles and stripes. I then scanned them into the computer and changed them around in photo shop to get these.

We had to put one of our designs on to a object so I chose to put this one onto the dress as an example. It would also make good wall paper, curtains, sheets, pyjamas, pillows, etc.
- The second design with the rings would be better for a placement on other objects would work more for hard surfaces such as I-Pod cover, water bottle, note books, etc. 
-The third one would be good for pillows, messenger bags, tote bags, sheets, and hard surfaces.
- The forth one would be good for bed spreads, curtains, pillows, water bottles, note books, etc. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beards! A song by Sarah Dee

Yeah another song by Sarah Dee. I hope you like this one it is kind of long but it is about beards and beards are great! Beards! OH yeah and that is me in the pictures with that Gorgeous beard of mine Oh how I love and miss that beard! Also Kay Tor is in it too!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jeliza Rose!

I have a pet spider she is a tarantula and her name is Jeliza Rose I love her a LOT! I also love telling her how cute she is and rubbing her on my face and petting her and wearing her as a broach or a bracelet or as a parrot. I also like taking photos of her like the ones above. Kay Tor is my partner in spider photography. We have more ideas up our sleeves and I shall post them up when they happen. She is classy!


This is my Hot Fuzz reivew that I did for a contest, I ended up getting a prize for it but that is not the best part of the story that is impressive. The impressive part of the story is that Simon Pegg himself has seen this video and loved it which made me a youtube sensation for a few days. Although the numbers of views are still growing, I want them to grow more so pass it on!


Monday, April 4, 2011


So for one of our projects for year two of textiles we had to make a covering using the wet and dry felting methods. In which case I decided to make a dickie I have no idea why I did I just wanted to make a dickie but have it so it was very elegant and looked like an edwardian collar but still would resemble a dickie. Which is pretty much just a top part of a turtle neck to keep the neck and chest area warm. So that was the plan to make a dickie and start with a big old pile of fleece inorder to scale it down 50% since I am good at really felting the fleece or so I thought. Now I never was a huge person for felt I do enjoy doing it but when it was on this scale not so much. It was a lot of work and it started to go well then this happened...
1. Going all well really huge...yes that was supposed to felt down to be able to fit and cover my need a lot of fleece. * Note my Simon Pegg stalking photo on the computer screen.
2. We then had to move it into the other room it went well, I then began to felt more and eventually it broke and so did I. I tried to fix it but it was felted way too much to go back.
3. This is when I realized it deffo was unable to be fixed.
4. I was laughing and crying due to frustration, exhaustion, and thinking of how I am going to fix what happened. * Note my arms have work threw the pain, and All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy written on them.
I then decided I was just going to go with what I had and fix up the edges and see what I could turn in my big pile of soapy mess into in which I got to this. My final and warm and beautiful piece, of organic form scarf/collar which started out as a dickie. .
*Note: Cameo made out of dry felt and of Simon Pegg's profile...yes it never stops.
This is what I am wearing in my title picture.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


A tea cozy that I made in first year out of wet felt and then I embroidered over top of it. It says QRS on one side and TEA on the other side. I decided to do this for my project because I like tea a whole lot and we had to 3D felt something and in high school there was a project that we had to do where we designed packaging for a product and I chose to do tea. So I made my company QRS Tea and made a thing on it for when you send in x amount of upc codes you got a free tea cozy. Then college came a long and I thought that I would take my high school work and go from there and I made the tea cozy and used the same colours that I had on the box. It was fun and I want to make more, if you want one tell me and I will see what I can do.

Red Mandolin

This is a drawing that I drew because I am a drawer and I drew i based on a night of fun when I went on a hunt for the red headed folk and beards I ran into these lovely men with both red hair and beards I was very happy. I shall not talk to much about them due to the fact that there is a story that has to deal with them in my book so you can read it in there, but here is a little sneak peak and some nice gingers to look at.


So there is this show called Adventure Time it is the best show ever and is AWESOME! So I decided to draw myself in the style and add me to the show. I am wearing my log johns they tend to have a dick pocket with access fabric which is why I am bulky in that area also I tend to keep my phone in there it is a good place for it, when you choose to sit around with no pants and only your long johns on. Also everyone thinks I should have a character in the show, so if you are an adventurist and have to do stuff with the show take a mental note.