Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another Song Written, Sung, and Played by Sarah Dee

Here is another song that I found on my computer that I wrote the same night I wrote tapeworm is was a very good night for song writing and I totally forgot about this song which is sad because it is great and I am happy that I found it due to the fact it is great! I hope you enjoy! It's about me being a sad single lady!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sarah Dee Sings

Dear viewers and fans not only do I do art of the visual kind i also do art of the listening kind. Here is a video I made to showcase a song that I wrote on the fly and am happy that I decided to have my microphone rolling in order to embed this masterpiece of a song for all to hear. Unlike a lot of my songs or stories which are just one time things and will be lost forever which is quite unfortunate. However this is not the case for this song and I sure am glad! I hope you enjoy and love it and then make me famous with all of your connections. Woh I did not realize you can change the colour and the font before this moment that I am waiting for this video to upload so that you the fan can listen to my gift of singing voice and ukulele playing. Also before this post I did not know how to spell ukulele and did not realize it was that easy just uke-u-lele. More to come!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

TEXTILE: Stripes

d This was for the stripe repeat project they are pretty simple but you cannot really go wrong with stripes. The top one could work on beach towels or a polo type shirt. The middle one could work as wall paper or chair fabric and the last one was just pretty much for fun I don't really know what you could use it for I guess it could printed on greeting cards to show off your new baby or if you wanted to put fabric over your photo album or something or just have it on as a graphic as a shirt. It was pretty much for jokes and due to the fact that it is Simon Pegg!! Although if you do want a stripe print or design of your kids, babies, pets or anything talk to me I shall do them, in which case it was a great idea!

TEXTILE: Allover Design Pattern!

So I guess I shall put up some textile stuff because that is what I am in school for and the world should see how textiley I am and like what I do and get me a job to work for Hello Kitty and I can just do surface designs and patterns all day and love life. So here is a pattern I did and the steps that took me to get there. I drew out some flowers made them into line drawings scanned them and then put them into photoshoppe then I had to re draw them all with the paint brush and then I made them into a repeated allover pattern and made a sweet cute pattern to go on stuff you want flowery and cute. The next part of the project was to make different colourways so I did. I really like the light light light one and Hello Kitty would too. Yes I know the blue/orange/gray one is pretty gross but you need gross when it comes to stylized 70s flowers. Photoshoppe chose toughs colours anyways and I stuck with them too because I wanted to pay homage to my sofa which is excellent! PARTY ON GARTH!How ever I picture that being printed on a corduroy fabric and made into a button up shirt.

Monday, March 14, 2011


This is the first shot of my new characters they are cow boys and they are great. I should have put the rest of them in this post but I shall do it later anyways there is a cowboy and a lady.

Party Monster!

Party Monster!!! I had a party monster party it was amazing we all dressed up then I desided that I was going to draw the people that attended but of corse I did not get it done and I took more pictures but they were way too blury so I did not put them up. Maybe in the future I shall add them here when I can use a camera. In the photo: Sarah Dee (Sylvia), Eric Spiece, Kay Tor and half of Heather.

Our Relationship

This is a drawing of Sarah Dee (me) and Shaela, it was from the day when Shaela was obsessed with Jeffery Dean Morgan AKA The Comedian. She was being a bitch and wanted me to leave although I did not because I was too lazy to walk across the street. I hated that walk even though now that I live further I don't ever complain as much as I did then. Anyway Shaela was forcing me out of her house and I then while being lazy said that I was going to draw this moment because it was hilarious and so I did.

Sketchbook Page One

This is the first thing I did in the sketchbook that Shaela gave me for my birthday. The shadow that is around the white is not supposed to be there it just is because I am bad at photography. But you get the idea of the image. The woman head I just started drawing the "dancing woman" and then thought that I would put it surrounded with what looked like the profile of a face. Then for the body I got the idea from The Distillers album Coral Fang and decided to add he decorations which kind of represents everywhere that bleeds. I wanted to do hands and feet with the same ideas going on but did not I tired but my skills were not up to par.

Art Blog!!

So I eventually got this going Blog going so people can look at my work. I think it might be most of my drawings and then I will have a website for my textile stuff. Although I would like to put process stuff on here for the textiles and then maybe a few here and there. So I shall start this off with some of my drawings that are mostly just line or coloured in black. I like this style a lot and it makes me happy so enjoy.