Thursday, June 9, 2011


To my devoted fans of Sarah Dee Does Art especially my biggest fan Mister Mike Trainor:
I am sorry that I have not posted much in a while but my computer was broken and I got lazy and did not make anything new to put up or could put up the old stuff due to the fact of my out of order computer. Although now you can see that I have gotten my computer up and running once again and now I shall post more things. This summer has been good so far I have a bunch of ideas for stuff to do but have not finished or done a whole lot since I am still in the mode of I have all summer even if it is going hella fast. Anyway I have worked one stuff not finished much but started. I have recently learned how to crochet thanks to my Bossome (Boss + Awesome) due to the fact that she is so awesome. So I have been working my crochet hook hard and making a bunch of granny squares which then will all be connected and made into a poypul afghan.

So yes I finished something I guess you would call it an illustration of a boyd in a tree on wood panel. Here are the pictures of it. I was unable to get a lot or pick from a good selection due to the fact of how my rechargeable batteries do not like to be recharged and only like to take three photos. One was no good and the other two get the point across. If my batteries decide to behave or I decide to buy new batteries I shall up load more but for now here you go!

  Bird wrapped with Japanese paper and the tree wraps around all sides of the panel. 

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