Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sarah Dee Sings

Dear viewers and fans not only do I do art of the visual kind i also do art of the listening kind. Here is a video I made to showcase a song that I wrote on the fly and am happy that I decided to have my microphone rolling in order to embed this masterpiece of a song for all to hear. Unlike a lot of my songs or stories which are just one time things and will be lost forever which is quite unfortunate. However this is not the case for this song and I sure am glad! I hope you enjoy and love it and then make me famous with all of your connections. Woh I did not realize you can change the colour and the font before this moment that I am waiting for this video to upload so that you the fan can listen to my gift of singing voice and ukulele playing. Also before this post I did not know how to spell ukulele and did not realize it was that easy just uke-u-lele. More to come!


  1. next time you lookin' fine, i'll remember it's just your tapeworm :)

  2. I have heard the future of music and it is Sarah Dee.