Saturday, March 26, 2011

TEXTILE: Allover Design Pattern!

So I guess I shall put up some textile stuff because that is what I am in school for and the world should see how textiley I am and like what I do and get me a job to work for Hello Kitty and I can just do surface designs and patterns all day and love life. So here is a pattern I did and the steps that took me to get there. I drew out some flowers made them into line drawings scanned them and then put them into photoshoppe then I had to re draw them all with the paint brush and then I made them into a repeated allover pattern and made a sweet cute pattern to go on stuff you want flowery and cute. The next part of the project was to make different colourways so I did. I really like the light light light one and Hello Kitty would too. Yes I know the blue/orange/gray one is pretty gross but you need gross when it comes to stylized 70s flowers. Photoshoppe chose toughs colours anyways and I stuck with them too because I wanted to pay homage to my sofa which is excellent! PARTY ON GARTH!How ever I picture that being printed on a corduroy fabric and made into a button up shirt.

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