Friday, December 2, 2011

Howdy! Part 1

Attention fans of the Sarah Dee Does Art!
I am for the new project making some nice Cowboy bed sheets for the young at heart cowboy lover or the young in the body cowboy lover. This is the first step I have gotten done which is the outline of the flat sheet. Still got 3 colour separations to go. The Fitted Sheet with outline and 3 colour separations . Dyeing the Duvet and printing it, a pillow with outline and 2 or 3 colour ways and maybe a bed skirt. Don't know how I am going to get this done but I shall try my best!! I am CRAZY! Also Thank you Sister Valentine for all your lining up and holding down skills!!!!!

My Cowboy print outline!

Me with my print!
Messy Girl...Clean Sheets

Remember kids always wear your rubbers even if you don't like the feeling or this might happen to you!

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