Friday, December 9, 2011

My My Here Come The FUZZ!

This is a picture of me watching Hot Fuzz for my 1 Year anniversary of my Simon Pegg twitter Hot Fuzz You tube encounter and also my Edgar Wright encounter although this was on the Simon Pegg day and not the Edgar Wright day but it all happened in the same week. If you don't know the story look for my Fall of 2010 song in my previous posting and you will know what went on through song and to the tune of Summer of 69, it works out good and is excellent. If you want to see the video in which Simon Pegg saw and loved then you should click here! So here is me watching Hot Fuzz eating Cornetto  just like Danny Butterman and Nicholas Angel. While also wearing my Doris Thatcher Fuzz Hat. Notice my pimento olive eyes of Hot Fuzz wonder.

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