Monday, January 23, 2012

A New Semester of Lasts

Dear Devoted Readers of the Sarah Dee Does Art BlogSpot Blog of Sarah Dee's Art of All Kinds:

I have not posted for a while because I am busy and I have not toted a camera around with me as of late when I am doing things that should be taken photos of with cameras. So I use Sister Valentine's camera she is prepared and good with the photo taking. Anyway so I did bed sheets they are pretty awesome and cute! I shall post pictures of that later when I am prepared and have the photos because I took photos from the camera of Sister Valentine of that project but forgot to get them when I was getting the pictures for this project. So I will back track at a later date for the bedsheets and keep you in suspense. Anywho I took photos of what I am doing now for this new and last project of  my college experience until I decide to go back to college at a later date in life if I decide to do so.  I only took these because a camera was left unattended and I thought I should take pictures so all of you lovely Sarah Dee fans could check out what I am doing with my time instead of hanging out with you. (The camera that was unatteneded belonged to Sister Valentine)

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