Monday, April 4, 2011


So for one of our projects for year two of textiles we had to make a covering using the wet and dry felting methods. In which case I decided to make a dickie I have no idea why I did I just wanted to make a dickie but have it so it was very elegant and looked like an edwardian collar but still would resemble a dickie. Which is pretty much just a top part of a turtle neck to keep the neck and chest area warm. So that was the plan to make a dickie and start with a big old pile of fleece inorder to scale it down 50% since I am good at really felting the fleece or so I thought. Now I never was a huge person for felt I do enjoy doing it but when it was on this scale not so much. It was a lot of work and it started to go well then this happened...
1. Going all well really huge...yes that was supposed to felt down to be able to fit and cover my need a lot of fleece. * Note my Simon Pegg stalking photo on the computer screen.
2. We then had to move it into the other room it went well, I then began to felt more and eventually it broke and so did I. I tried to fix it but it was felted way too much to go back.
3. This is when I realized it deffo was unable to be fixed.
4. I was laughing and crying due to frustration, exhaustion, and thinking of how I am going to fix what happened. * Note my arms have work threw the pain, and All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy written on them.
I then decided I was just going to go with what I had and fix up the edges and see what I could turn in my big pile of soapy mess into in which I got to this. My final and warm and beautiful piece, of organic form scarf/collar which started out as a dickie. .
*Note: Cameo made out of dry felt and of Simon Pegg's profile...yes it never stops.
This is what I am wearing in my title picture.

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