Friday, April 15, 2011

Last Day of Digital Textile Design

Today was the last day of my textile design class for the digital way of doing it. So here are my designs that I have done with this class minus the all over and the stripe due to the fact that I have already posted them in earlier blogings.

Sertex: For a national contest we had to come up with designs that would fit into a public space. So I decided to do a bar and these are the designs I came up with. I first drew and painted everything by hand then scanned them in and made them darker and what not in photoshop.

1) Chair Fabric 2) Bar Counter Front

3)Drapery 4) Flooring

  5) Wall Texture 6) Feature Wall 

7) Stool Fabric 

Room Setting

Then our final project was taking different textures and making them into a collage. I took textures that I made in surface design out of different Japanese papers and ripped them and cut them into circles and stripes. I then scanned them into the computer and changed them around in photo shop to get these.

We had to put one of our designs on to a object so I chose to put this one onto the dress as an example. It would also make good wall paper, curtains, sheets, pyjamas, pillows, etc.
- The second design with the rings would be better for a placement on other objects would work more for hard surfaces such as I-Pod cover, water bottle, note books, etc. 
-The third one would be good for pillows, messenger bags, tote bags, sheets, and hard surfaces.
- The forth one would be good for bed spreads, curtains, pillows, water bottles, note books, etc. 

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