Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Beards Beards All Types of Beards

I love beards and beards love me (they actually don't I need to find me a bearded man it is hard you would not think it would be since I am Sarah Davies but you know I cannot be good at everything.) So I love beards and Jade loves beards and has a beard party and this year was pretty excellent I think I wrote a blog about the other one if not I might add something) anyway this is my favourite party and this year I could not miss it and I sure did not miss it. I attended and I had one heck of a beard. It was dead Sexy and I am sad I had to "shave."

 I made it out of roving and then put it together and shaped it and added it to my face with spirt gum. When it was on my face it was a bit patchy in the lower levels so I ended up dry felting (needle felting) it together to make it stronger and less holey. This turned out awesome and I did not prick my face which was good. Although I did tell people that I needle felted it onto my face, that was a lie and I did not nor should anyone do that. It would be painful!

A week before the beard party we were at The Interior Design Show in Toronto and there I saw my future husband although I did not talk to him. Anyway this is supposed to be about my art and not about my love life. So anyway I pretty much based my beard off of IDS's beard. I also am a big fan about the show Whisker Wars, a show about bearded men being beard diva's and growing great big bushy beards and traveling around showing them off and making Sarah turn into the chicken lady.

Twitter is an amazing site and has gotten me connected with many people like SIMON PEGG! and some of these Beardo Whisker Wars men. I twitted about how I should not be aloud to watch Whisker Wars since it turns me into the Chicken Lady and then I got a message back from one of the men on that show (a bearded man) Myk O'Connor. After the beard party happened I posted a picture up of me and my great big bushy beard and then Myk O'Connor retwitted my twit, and then THE DADDY of all beards JACK PASSION my other future husband replied to my tweet. JACK is the reining beard champion has approved my beard, seen my face and has fallen in love with me. The last statement might have been made up by me but we all know he was thinking it when he saw my picture. Simon Pegg also thought it when he saw my review, although that is a fact since he also told me that he loves me! :D

So here are some pictures of my beard and also twitter stuff.
                                                                     What a hunk!

This is Guy (Pronounced in the french way)  Handsome

Yup I even made a nice full under beard/neck beard

The Forest is That Way!

Who does not want to cradle their own beard? Also my beard likes to make shapes such as a poodle, this was not done on purpose...beards are magical.

My name on Twitter is Tyreta. He said "Impressive Work!" He was impressed by my BEARD!


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