Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I have had these pantings kicking around that I have done a while ago, I never paint any more and it makes me sad because I enjoy doing so but I also am enjoying what I am doing right now so everything is great. When I get more time to do my own stuff I shall paint some more. I did one over the winter break for a friend but I do not have a photo but I shall post it later. It was fun to do and made me miss it even more. So here are some paintings that I have done in the past:

The top one I did for a show that my friends were having in 2009. It is done with acrylic ink and on wood panel.
I have already posted the bird but here it is again. Wood Panel, Graphit, Fineliner, Japanese Paper. 2011
The 3rd one is a paper cut out I did I want to add more to it but there it is so far. Wood Panel, Japanese Paper, and Pan Pastel. 2011
 I love wood panels and I have too many that I have yet to use but I cannot help but buy them 
I told a friend that I would paint a picture for her but then ended up not and changing my idea and then keeping it for myself. Here is the out come I enjoy it and don't really have any thing behind it but it kept me busy. I did it in the summer of 2009. Water based Oil on Canvas.
This was just me mucking around it is not finished and I don't think would ever be done it, I started it probably in 2008 and just kind of worked on it here and there. I like it but yeah just some experimenting. Water based Oil on Canvas.
This was suposed to be my motovational painting in which I never finished and don't think I can finish due to the fact it has now turned into a joke. I got the idea from the show Wonderfalls which is a great show you should check it out if you don't know about it. A plastic lawn flamingo tells the main charter to get off her ass and I need to due that some time.  It is Acrylic on Canvas. Probably from 2008 or 2009
This Is a finished piece WHAT?! anyway I like it a lot. I did it in 2009 I painted a lot back then.  Water based Oil on Illustration Board.

There are some of my paintings from the past I have done more but not a whole lot I will have to scrounge some more up and post them eventually.

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